I have started getting into the “bookstagram” trend lately, which is basically taking artistic photos of books and posting them on Instagram and other social media. It’s really fun and allows me to be a little creative with the usually beautiful covers being put out recently! I’ve always loved photography (whether I’ve been halfway decent at it is a real question), so this is just another really neat outlet for my love of books!

Follow along with me this month as I participate in #redwhiteandbookedjuly! In case you’re new to these challenges, here’s a rundown: basically one or more users create a challenge, usually a month-long one, where they give you a “theme” for every day. This is the challenge I’m doing:


Here’s my first few photos! Feel free to share yours too!

My TBR (to be read) pile for July!
Summer-themed books!
Books that take place where you live — Rainbow Rowell not only lives here, but has found a way to weave Omaha into all of her books. Eleanor & Park actually takes place here, which is awesome!
Fourth of July post: Red, white and blue books! I had a lot of fun with this one and had lots of different options to choose from.

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BEA & BookCon Haul

Just a quick update on BEA and BookCon — still trying to recover, and you’re about to see why!

I brought home a total of 119 books, ARC and finished, as well as 8 samplers.

The important thing to note here is that I purchased FOUR of these. Only four. The rest were given to me for free!
All the “goodies” I got — samplers, pins, bookmarks, stickers, and more.

I hope to update you with another post about my most exciting grabs of the week. Stay tuned!

The joy of a new book haul

I love the bookstore. My local Half Price Books always has some great deals on books that may have otherwise been thrown away.

Here’s this weekend’s haul!

All 7 books for a total of $12.84, a real bargain!

As you can see, I’m currently working my way through Harlan Coben’s books. If you’ve read Coben, which has been your favorite?

Here’s to another week full of books.