“All is Not Forgotten” by Wendy Walker

★★★★☆ — New release Tuesday!unnamed

Warning: This book discusses rape in depth basically throughout the entire book in graphic detail.

One night, after drinking too much at a party and running into the woods, Jenny Kramer is brutally raped and tortured. At the hospital, Jenny’s parents choose to give Jenny a new treatment. In this experimental treatment, the patient is given a concoction of medications in order to keep their memories from forming. This treatment is still unproven and is largely used for victims of horrific traumas and for soldiers suffering from PTSD.

However, this treatment obviously has some downfalls, and patients are often asked to see a psychiatrist to help with the confusing feelings. All is Not Forgotten is told from Jenny’s psychiatrist’s point of view as he struggles to help her come to terms with her lack of memories while the police investigation is still ongoing.

Dr. Forrester tells not only his perspective of the case, but also recounts sessions with the investigators, Jenny’s parents, other civilians involved with the case, and some of the doctor’s other patients’ experiences with this treatment. This proves to be a thrilling way to get the details because while he is a doctor and at times is extremely clinical, he is also a person trying very hard to help Jenny get justice.

A suburban psychological thriller, All is Not Forgotten will keep you guessing. With so many regular despicable people around, who is the monster who hurt Jenny?

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I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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