“And Again” by Jessica Chiarella


25110965Meet Hannah (an artist with lung cancer), David (a politician with a brain tumor), Connie (an actress with HIV), and Linda (a stay-at-home mother who was paralyzed completely). They are four very different people with very different fatal illnesses who have all been chosen to participate in a new scientific study called “SUBlife” — each person’s body is cloned and aged rapidly. Then, their memories are transferred to the new brain, so they have a brand new body with all the old knowledge. However, this transition turns out to be harder than they could ever imagine.

Follow the four as they learn how to live in their “SUB” and learn that their lives can’t and won’t ever be the same, no matter how they try. A sci-fi mixed with general “figuring out life” fiction. Great, fairly long read that makes you think of the morality and consequences behind the science of the situation.

Purchase the book here.

I was given a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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