“The Restaurant Critic’s Wife” by Elizabeth LaBan



After moving to a new city for her husband’s new job as THE restaurant critic of Philadelphia, Lila Soto finds herself lost. Sam Soto wants desperately to remain anonymous to maintain the integrity of his critiques, so this means he wants Lila to lay low. This means no job, no socializing with the neighbors, just staying quiet and anonymous.

This is not where Lila thought her life would be. She used to travel for work, helping hotels manage crises all over the world. She used to socialize. She never thought she’d settle down, get married, have children. Yet here she is.

A meandering book, THE RESTAURANT CRITIC’S WIFE takes you through Lila’s life as she realizes what she wants and figures out just how to get it. And more importantly, how to get Sam on board without ripping their family apart.

Purchase the book here.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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