“Before the Fall” by Noah Hawley

★★★★☆ New release Tuesday!

26245850Eighteen minutes into a private flight from Martha’s Vineyard, a small plane with eleven passengers and crew members crashes violently into the ocean.

Only two people survive: a struggling artist and a young boy. They swim miles to the shore at night, fighting waves, broken bones, and unimaginable fear.

The story follows aftermath of the crash, where the authorities and the survivors try to determine what exactly happened up in the air. Interspersed in the story are the stories of the passengers and crew, their histories and what they were doing leading up to the crash.

13220949_3337248952924_1730618834545529248_nBefore the Fall is intricately woven, enthralling, and darkly quirky. Highly recommended read that I picked up for free at BEA this year. I actually got to meet the author, Noah Hawley, who is a writer for the TV show Fargo. I will definitely be picking up some of his previously published work and anything from him in the future.

Purchase the book here.

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