“The Sister Pact” by Stacie Ramey (Plus Giveaway)

★★★☆☆ New Release Tuesday! After reading my review of The Sister Pact, you can purchase the book here or enter this giveaway the publisher is hosting for my followers.

The Sister PactAllie is in a downward spiral. She’s got to find a way to cope now that her older sister Leah is dead. Leah was perfect, popular, sassy, and loving.

But then she killed herself.

Allie tries to self-medicate with pills, weed, cough syrup, promiscuity — anything she can get her hands on — so that she doesn’t feel the pain, the questioning: Why didn’t Leah honor their pact? They were supposed to go together.

The Sister Pact is a great YA novel that shows the true feelings and thoughts of depression and the aftermath of suicide. Allie is also struggling with divorcing and bickering parents, an ex-boyfriend, a new love interest, and one of the most challenging things she’s ever faced: losing her art, not being able to find her colors.

Purchase the book here.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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