“The Escape” by Hannah Jayne


New release Tuesday! I’m very grateful to the publisher for providing me with a copy to review. The publisher is also generously sponsoring a Rafflecopter giveaway for my followers!

The EscapeFletcher Carroll and Adam Marshall couldn’t have run in more different crowds. Fletcher keeps to himself, while Adam is a popular Dan River Falls High jock. Yet one day, they are both reported missing. They went into the forest to take a hike together and never came home. Avery Templeton, the Police Chief’s daughter, is enlisted to help with the search party.

When Avery comes upon Fletcher, it’s almost like she walked into a horror film. He’s got blood covering his body, his voice is raspy and terrified, and most bizarrely, he has absolutely no memory of what happened. Avery used to be friends with Fletcher, and since she found him, she feels responsible for helping him remember. But Fletcher isn’t sure if he wants to remember. What if what he remembers is a deranged stranger? Or even worse, what if it’s someone close to him?

The Escape is a fast-paced thriller, always twisting and turning, and you never know where it’s leading next. Don’t read this one on a camping trip.

Purchase the book here.

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