“The Heir” by Keira Cass (The Selection Series Book 4)


The HeirTwenty years after Prince Maxon’s Selection, the country is once again facing turmoil and rebellion. Though Maxon ended the caste system, some citizens of Illéa still base decisions (hiring, marriages, etc.) on the old castes. This is creating unrest, and King Maxon and Queen America have an idea of how to bring some peace and to stir up some patriotism  — a Selection for their eldest daughter, Eadlyn.

Eadlyn has spent her formative years training to take on her birthright: the throne and all the responsibility that comes with it. So when her parents want her to put politics on the back burner and try to find her “one true love,” she’s less-than-ecstatic. She agrees to do the Selection on a few conditions that she believes will protect her from actually having to marry one of the boys who she is sure will be foolish and immature — in other words, unworthy of her and the duty of ruling Illéa. But just like her mother and father’s story before her, the Selection doesn’t turn out to be what it seems.

The Heir is the first of two books in Eadlyn’s story (the second of which with no known title or pub date yet). I highly enjoyed coming back into Illéa to learn about some of its new royalty and I am excitedly anticipating the release of the sequel.

In the meantime, you can read my review of the first three books in The Selection Series: The Selection, The Elite, and The One. In October, Kiera Cass is releasing a special collection of 4 novellas, new scenes from the Selection, a map of Illéa, and much more. Pre-order “Happily Ever After” here (releases Oct. 13, 2015).

Purchase “The Heir” here.

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