“Spelled” by Betsy Schow


New Release Tuesday!

SpelledI received an Advance Reader Copy from Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review.

Spelled follows the story of Dorothea, the Princess of the Emerald Castle. She has lived a charmed life, always getting the newest Hans Christian Louboutin shoes and designer ball gowns. Dot, as her closest friends call her, finds out that her parents have arranged a marriage for her with the gross Prince Kato. Dot gets so pixed off that she makes a wish on a (secretly) cursed star that sends her world tumbling through a tornado of changes.

Good Grimm, you can really tell that Betsy Schow had fun writing this book. It’s full of funny and creative fairy tale puns, mixing up many different fantasy worlds to create a story where a spoiled princess must grow to be the heroine that can save her country, her family, and herself. While Spelled has some adult themes, it is written for a young adult audience. Spelled will take you on a magical adventure that will keep you on your red-ruby-heeled toes.

Purchase the book here.

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