“The Blondes” by Emily Schultz


New release Tuesday!

I was provided an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The BlondesWhen a pandemic of rabies-like disease hits the world that affects only blonde women, Hazel Hayes doesn’t know what to do. She’s got reddish hair, but the CDC isn’t sure if only blondes are being affected. It doesn’t help the situation that she is alone in New York and just found out she’s pregnant by her thesis sponsor. She has to find a way to stay safe (pandemic-wise and baby-wise) — needs to get out of the city and back home to Canada.

The Blondes was a very vividly-written story. I found myself worrying about the outbreak after putting down the book — looking around, trying to spot the blondes around me and planning my escape route. The narrative skips around from the past to the present, but it isn’t ever confusing. Hazel is telling the story to her yet-unborn daughter from a deserted cabin. She meets some new friends and finds some old ones along the way, all of them scrambling to just get by in the new panicked world. Terrifying, harrowing, and impossible to put down.

Purchase the book here.

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