“The Stranger” by Harlan Coben


I read this book by listening on Audible. The narrator was great — highly recommended.

The StrangerThe Stranger shows up and tells you a secret about a loved one. You don’t know what to believe — should you believe this stranger, this person you don’t know? Or do you believe your loved one, trust they told the truth? The Stranger has upturned an innumerable amount of lives, all for the sake of putting the truth out there.

Adam Price is visited by The Stranger. He tells Adam a secret about his wife, Corinne, that turns his life upside down. Then, when confronted, Corinne suddenly disappears, no where to be found. Adam must find The Stranger and find out what truly happened, and he has to find Corinne to put their life back together. Little does he know, many other people have been approached by The Stranger, and not all of them are happy to have their lives disrupted.

The Stranger, while at times tedious and overly detailed, delivers on the suspense and mystery that this premise promises. Adam Price is a severely unlikeable character, anti-social and stand-offish. He makes some questionable decisions regarding his wife, children, and The Stranger. However, if you can get past some of the obvious character flaws and little plot holes, this book will keep you turning back, wondering how you could think what you thought would happen before. The ending had me putting off dinner, telling my family to leave me alone until I finish this book, I have to find out what happens — the sign of a great thriller.

Purchase the book here.

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