“The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins


The Girl on the Train

This book is told from three different perspectives: Rachel is an alcoholic who rides the train to and from London every day, watching the houses and imagining the peoples’ lives. Megan is one of those people, and she spends every day fighting within her own head about what to do — does she still likes her husband, or should she run away? Anna is the new wife of Tom, Rachel’s ex-husband. They live in Rachel’s old house with their baby girl, Evie. Rachel, depressed with how her life has turned out, spends her days drinking, usually ending with making a rude, drunken call to Tom.

One day, Rachel sees Megan’s face in the news — she’s gone missing. Rachel has to battle her blackouts — she knows she saw something important, but she can’t remember. She knows she has to help.

This book, widely regarded as the next Gone Girl, is a psychological thriller. It’s a strange feeling, as a reader, when the main character is such an unlikeable woman who is unwilling to help herself. However, with more and more information, more revelations, you begin to see why she is how she is. She has to fight for herself, for people to believe her, to have purpose in the world. The Girl on the Train is a solid thriller and I will definitely be reading any future books from Paula Hawkins.

Purchase the book here. 

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