“In the Woods” by Tana French


In the Woods

Detective Ryan has a dark secret — when he was a child, he and his friends disappeared in the woods. Ryan was the only one to emerge from the woods, and he turned up with no memory and shoes full of blood. When a possibly satanic murder of a young girl happens in the same woods many years later, he and his partner, Detective Cassie Maddox, decide that even though it’s a conflict of interest, they should be the investigators on the case.

This book had me hooked very early — what happened to Detective Ryan and his friends? Ryan’s flashbacks from the incident in the woods are harrowing. I was extremely disappointed that not everything was resolved. From vague research, it seems like it isn’t ever resolved in Tana French’s other books. What a disappointment; I’m left hanging with my questions. But I suppose it’s not all pretty and tied up with a bow at the end, much like life. 

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